A heart for the stone

A heart for the stone: four generations with a single passion for the Piasentina stone. This sentence sums up the history of the Iaconcig family and of a business shaped by time and the patient and persistent work of quarrymen and stonemasons who, for centuries, have transformed raw stone into works of art. From the first family-run quarry, where everything was done by hand, to the incorporation of today’s company in 1962 by the Iaconcig brothers, after long apprenticeships began at an early age and important experiences of work abroad. It is in this reality, strongly rooted into the craft of the past but with a keen eye to the future, that the current owner of the company Gianni Iaconcig and his son Alex, who looks after the commercial side of the business, are building a true treasure of experience for all that concerns the Piasentina stone, following every step of the production process personally, from quarrying to selection, to cutting and working. Father and son are assisted by a team of professionals who are continuing this ancient tradition with the wisdom and pride of someone who really knows, loves and feels the stone.

Quarry people

Quarry people: From the quarries to the workshop, all our activities take place inside a small area, just a few kilometres wide, on the extreme eastern hills of Friuli. It is a beautiful and unspoiled landscape we belong to. And we want to work in this area with the utmost respect for its environmental and geological balance. The quarry does not impoverish the land and its forest. The spoil is used to reshape the hill and create protections for the workers while the work moves downwards on the slope, using a method that has been handed down from Roman times until today. Iaconcig also carries out a thorough replanting programme of native trees to protect the environment, the true heritage of humankind.


Selection: the initial, fundamental selection of Piasentina stone blocks takes place already in the quarry, immediately after extraction. First, expert eyes detect cracks or abnormalities which may affect the quality of the product. Following this, the stone is tested by sound: the quarry workers identify any internal cracks by skilfully striking the block and listening to the sound it generates. It is at this stage that the Piasentina stone blocks are sorted by fine, medium and large grain sizes. Only the blocks that pass this first basic selection will continue their journey and be further graded and processed. This work continues 12 months a year, in all weathers, with skill and attention, with the utmost care for the safety of our operators.

The workshop

The workshop: After quarrying, the Piasentina stone blocks are graded again and sorted according to their intended use, before being roughly squared. This preliminary step allows us to both prepare the raw material for later operations, but it also allows us to detect possible imperfections. Even if today the process is largely mechanised, the human element is essential when working Piasentina stone. It is the skill of our craftspeople that allows us to select the right thickness, the correct grain, and remove, slowly and surely, any defect from the stone, until we arrive to a material of absolute excellence. We offer both semi-finished products for the construction industry, as well as fully-finished products with a wide range of surface finishes, including brushed, flamed, polished, rough-sawn, or inspired by the ancient art of local stonemasons, or with material or geometrical textures.


Services: In addition to quarrying and working Piasentina stone, Iaconcig also offers a wide range of services aimed to support designers and purchasers and achieve the maximum benefit from this material for their architectural and artistic projects. From quotes, to samples, to international certifications, Iaconcig supports its customers, putting at their disposal an experience gained with 50 years of work, countless international projects, and close collaboration with leading architects, designers and artists. Iaconcig is ready to provide advice and support for laying, installing, cleaning and maintenance, in order to ensure perfect, beautiful and long-lasting results.

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